Menu2WM - Dead project

As of March 6th, 2005, the Menu2WM project has been declared officially dead. It has passed more than a year since the last version was published, and no other changes happened to the code during that time. There are no plans in continuing its development. You may be asking why...

First of all, I've lost any interest on this project. I don't use standalone window managers any more, so I don't feel the need for this utility; furthermore I can't spend any time in its development (and I don't want to, since I don't believe in its original concept any more; see below).

Secondly, and this is the most important reason: inventing a new format to define menus is a very bad idea. is doing a good job in creating a standard to handle menu entries and to define the menu layout. Any program that aims to be popular and widely used should conform to them. These are also package-friendly, meaning that system integrators can automatically generate menus upon installation and deinstallation of packages (something Menu2WM didn't allow).

Finally, there are other tools that accomplish what Menu2WM tried to, but better. I'm aware of one that even has a GUI (sorry, can't remember its name). Moreover, there are other tools that manage menus defined following's specifications, and it's expected that these tools will keep improving and growing.

No further activity is planned in the CVS. Existing downloads have been marked as hidden.

Thanks to anybody who ever had interest in this project.

Julio M. Merino Vidal

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